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What you should know about The English Mastiff
If, you have ever seen The English Mastiff, I’m sure the first word that came to your mind was ‘massive’. The English Mastiff is considered to be the largest breed found in the world and it can weigh as much as 220 pounds. The minimum height for the female Mastiff at the shoulders is 27.5 inches at the shoulders and 30 inches for the male. Weight varies between 130 pounds to 220 pounds or even more.The Mastiff that found place in the Guinness Book of Records, 1989 for weighing 323 pounds was ‘Zobra’. Though, The English Mastiffs looks fierce, it is blessed with cool temperament when its family is concerned but he shows his true colors when he senses danger on his family and steps up instantly as a protector. There was a time when the Mastiff fought in the wars but it has come a long way since then. It is a brave, big, dignified dog that can be tamed easily into a calm, quiet dog that spreads love in the family and plays with children though, he may sometimes accidently bump into small children and bowl them over.
Exercising is important for him and given adequate chance to do so, he can adapt himself to any environment be it a room in the city or a country estate. If you have been thinking all these years that The English Mastiff would love to be treated as an outdoor dog, think twice because they have shown preference to home comfort where they can spend time with the family. He even tries to be a lap dog and you should be prepared to handle all that weight. I’m sure, it won’t be a big problem when your giant pet will look deep into your eyes and melt your heart. Like any other dog, The English Mastiff also has some qualities that you might not like. The biggest trouble, he can cause is by ‘Drooling’. Yes, they drool a lot and when they shake their big head the drool is everywhere- on the floor, your favourite couch, curtains and may be on your face too! However, the drool can be easily wiped away with wet wipes or handy towels after drying up. You can also keep him on a diet that makes him drool less.
The English Mastiff can also give you restless nights as it makes a lot of noise when he snores. Another factor which you might like to consider is his massive size. If your home is really small, he will be no less than an elephant in your home when he grows. His size also causes lots of trouble when he needs to be carried from one place to another or up and down the stairs when he’s ill or old and can’t move by himself. He also may have a short lifespan due to his weight. If you can manage these problems when you have The English Mastiff at home, you’ll be not disappointed as you’ll get back enduring love and great companionship.
So, to sum it up, here are a few quick points for you to know and remember, if you are planning to get yourself The English Mastiff.
• You need to give him daily exercise. You should keep in mind the age and temperature when you make your Mastiff exercise as they overheat easily.
• The English Mastiff can turn destructive without proper stimulation or exercise.
• They generally have a short lifespan with exceptions, so you might assess your choice again, if you need a long time companionship.
• If the drool of the dogs is of any trouble to you, The English Mastiff is not a good choice for you as it drools excessively.
• The Mastiff can knock down a very small child or old aged people who are not steady and strong. Families with very small children or aged senior members may not find The Mastiff the correct choice for them.
• Mastiffs are not recommended for people who dwell in smaller homes with a small yard.
• They need to be socialised well with other pets and people. They can become afraid of new situations or shy of unknown people which may lead to biting.
• If not properly trained, they tend to get aggressive towards other animals. To ensure a healthy and happy life of The English Mastiff, socialization is the key. Their big size may turn dangerous and sometimes fatal, if they don’t know how to deal with other people and animals.
• The Mastiff has a coat that does not need excessive caring but they shed a lot.
• By the time, they reach adulthood; they usually turn into a well-mannered, calm, quiet companion who does not bark too much as compared to other breeds but serve as an excellent watch dog.
• Positive reinforcement that includes hugging and kissing in bundles is a must for The English Mastiff, so new or timid owners may fail to train him properly.
• He can easily become overweight without proper exercise. You need to keep a watch on its weight very closely.
• They are loud – Be prepared for snoring, snorting and grunting when you have The English Mastiff at home.
• He needs to sleep in the house and be with the family and not in the yard. If tied away from the family, he becomes bored and very destructive.
• A healthy Mastiff will never come from a puppy mill or pet store. Get it from a reputable breeder that test their dogs for genetic diseases and provide and fulfil all requirements for healthy breeding.
So, like all other dogs The English Mastiff has its pros and cons. This breed is large and super-active and gels along good with the children and pet after training. People with adequate space in their homes can find a loving friend and protector in him. If you buy him from a reputed breeder, give him proper attention and love, there is no reason that you won’t get memories to cherish for lifetime.

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