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FED 3 35mm Camera


FED 3 35mm Camera with authentic leather case


Very Early USSR FED Camera Serial No.205 FED 1:35 50 mm Lens w/Case Rare!


Vintage USSR 1948 FED Camera No 00086 MOSCOW INDUSTAR 50 mm Lens w/Case


Canon EOS ELAN 7E Film Fed Camera w/Canon 28-90mm Ultrasonic lens


FED I 1 USSR 35 mm vintage rangefinder body M39 mount Leica copy type D




Vintage camera FED-5V+Industar 61 L/D+Olympic series and unique serial number


Fed 2 + lens indistar 26 m


Serviced Early FED Rangefinder camera with Industaar-10 50mm F3,5 lens


FED 5B 5V B Russian Rangefinder Film Camera M39 mount Leica copy + Leather Case


FED-2 soviet small format rangefinder camera, good condition.


FED-3 35mm USSR Rangefinder Film Camera (Copy Leica) w/s lens Industar-61 AS IS


FED 3 Brown body Soviet / Russian 35mm Rangefinder Camera, Industar-61 (2.8/52)


Very RARE FED 1 Type 4 1947 "Berdsk" Soviet 35mm RF Camera Leica copy


FED-3 35mm USSR Rangefinder Film Camera (Copy Leica) w/s lens Industar-61 SUPER


Very rare ZORKI 2 Russian camera with very rare FED angle view finder


Vintage USSR FED STEREO Camera INDUSTAR-81 F/2.8 38 mm Lens w/Case


FED 5 Soviet Russian Rangefinder Film Camera, Industar 55/2.8 Lens, Leather case


FED 2, TYPE B, 50/2.8 INDUSTAR-26M/19139




US JUPITER 8 2/50 1957 Red “P” Rare Russian USSR lens M39 FED Zorki Leica


FED 3.5/50 USSR foldable silver lens rangefinder M39 mount Leitz Elmar copy


FED MIKRON Half Frame HELIOS-89 18x24 Rangefinder Compact Soviet Camera


FED-2 camera Leica copy Industar-61 52mm lens


OLD FED-2 35mm USSR Rangefinder Film Camera copy Leica w/s lens industar-26M


INDUSTAR-61 L/D BLACK 2.8/55 mm Soviet RF lens (FED, ZORKI, Leica) M39 Excellent


New FED 5 Unopened Lens Industar 61LD Rangefinder Film camera


Leica M39 LaserDrilled Pinhole Lens camera lomo Screw Mount Zorki FED


Unique Fed NKVD TRUDKOMUNNA camera made on Leica base,very Rare camera,Fed 1941


Old Stock! FED-50 Automatic Soviet Camera 35 mm *MINT*


FED Fed-3 Russian RF camera. New design. Stylized as Petrykivka. Hand made.


FED-3 fed-3 Russian RF camera. New design. Stylized as Mezen. Hand made.EX!


FED-2 Fed-2 Russian RF camera. New design. Stylized as Gzhel. Hand made.


FED Industar aka Elmar F/3.5-50MM Rangefinder Lens LTM 39 L39 M39 item#8


Very rare Russian FED-2 with FED lens camera M39.Exc,repaired №003820


LEICA Russian RF Copy Replica 35mm Film Camera (by Fed Zorki) #183742


INDUSTAR-10 (FED) f/3.5 50 mm. Russian Lens M39. Zorki / FED